Yunhao Luo

I am a second year M.S. student at Brown CS. I work closely with Yilun Du and Prof. Joshua B. Tenenbaum at MIT and Prof. Chen Sun at Brown on embodied intelligence. Before that, I worked with Prof. Lin Wang at HKUST(GZ) on image understanding and Prof. Jianguo Zhang at SUSTech on medical image analysis. I received my B.E. in CS from SUSTech in 2022.

My research goal is to develop autonomous agents that can freely interact with the physical world and bring a positive impact on people's lives. To this end, my interests lie at the intersection of computer vision, decision making, and robotics. I seek to build intelligence agents in a more efficient and scientific way by drawing inspiration from human cognition biases, such as compositionality, to make them more reliable, lightweight, cost-effective, and accessible to users. Currently, I am working on leveraging generative models to enable more robust and generalizable decision-making.

Besides academia, I spend my time doing sports, playing music, and juggling with friends. Check them out here.

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Topics: Computer Vision / Decision Making (* indicates equal contribution and indicates equal advising)

Potential Based Diffusion Motion Planning
Yunhao Luo, Chen Sun, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Yilun Du

Under Review

A Good Student is Cooperative and Reliable: CNN-Transformer Collaborative Learning for Semantic Segmentation
Jinjing Zhu, Yunhao Luo, Xu Zheng, Hao Wang, Lin Wang

ICCV 2023 / Paper

Look at the Neighbor: Distortion-aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Panoramic Semantic Segmentation
Xu Zheng, Tianbo Pan, Yunhao Luo, Lin Wang

ICCV 2023 / Website / Paper / Code

Transformer-CNN Cohort: Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation by the Best of Both Students
Xu Zheng, Yunhao Luo, Chong Fu, Kangcheng Liu, Lin Wang

Under Review / Paper

Distilling Efficient Vision Transformers from CNNs for Semantic Segmentation
Xu Zheng, Yunhao Luo, Pengyuan Zhou, Lin Wang

Under Review / Paper

Priors in Deep Image Restoration and Enhancement: A Survey
Yunfan Lu*, Yiqi Lin*, Hao Wu* Yunhao Luo, Xu Zheng, Hui Xiong, Lin Wang

Under Review / Paper / Awesome-Image-Prior

Inter-Rater Uncertainty Quantification in Medical Image Segmentation via Rater-Specific Bayesian Neural Networks
Qingqiao Hu*, Hao Wang*, Jing Luo, Yunhao Luo, Zhiheng Zhang, Jan S Kirschke, Benedikt Wiestler, Bjoern Menze, Jianguo Zhang, Hongwei Bran Li

Under Review / Paper / Code

Software Engineer Intern, Tencent
Jul 2021 -- Sep 2021

Worked for WeCom, a work chat and office tool with 180M+ active users, mobile app development team. Implemented 10+ features for user access control logics. User interface design, code refactoring.

Exchange Student, UC Berkeley
Jan 2020 -- May 2020

CS 170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
CS 61C: Great Ideas in Computer Architecture (Machine Structures)
Math 55: Discrete Mathematics

Summer Workshop, National University of Singapore
Jul 2019 -- Aug 2019

Teaching Assistant, SUSTech
Sep 2020 -- Jul 2022

  • CS203B: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis B,   Spring 2022
  • CS102A: Introduction to Computer Programming,   Fall 2021
  • CS307: Principles of Database Systems,   Spring 2021
  • CS205: C/C++ Programming,   Fall 2020
  • Projects
    Benchmarking the Vulnerability of Skin Cancer Classification
    Jul 2020 -- Apr 2021

    Co-developed a codebase to benchmark the adversarial vulnerability of deep learning based skin cancer classifiers. Evaluated on dermoscopic lesion images with attack methods including FGSM, PGD, and DeepFool.

    SQL Code Evaluation Web Platform
    Sep 2020 -- Jan 2021

    Led the development of a web platform for evaluating SQL code. Based on Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, PostgreSQL, Redis, etc. Project successfully deployed online for grading student assignments for SUSTech CS307 Principles of Database Systems (∼200 students enrollment).

    • I enjoy playing basketball. Some of my lovely teammates:
    • I love track and field, especially middle-distance running. I participate in amateur events occasionally.
    • I started to play the flute (Dizi) when I was 8. I also played in my college's orchestra.
    • I'm from Guangzhou, a city with lots of tasty food.